World Circular Economy Forum 2019 / Helsinki-Finland

Therefore, a circular approach to economy deeply disrupts how design practice should operate & how design decisions are made.

Design Ladder developed by the Danish Design Center

Designer’s response-ability, in this case, means an ability to respond to the current change we are making from linear to circular.

“There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a few” (Victor Papanek 1971, Design for the Real World)


“This is not just about shipping — it’s about how we manage steel as a resource globally”

Phillips pay-per-lux

Made-to-order solutions help to respond to unique user expectations and produce only what is actually needed. Today, such a process can be almost instant in the economies of scale, thanks to the technology available.


Such white label solutions help all actors in the economy not to compete on knowledge and models but rather on the implementation of a circular approach to different industries and product specifications.

In the end, the design is not about creating completely new things, but rather about creating completely new combinations of existing elements. It is often done by challenging the existing status quo and redefining strategic design decision at the earliest stages.

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