THE RIGHT TIME — pandemic as an excuse for deeper social changes

Below you may find 4 out of our top post-pandemic insights gathered so far in our ongoing research. It may not be rocket science, may feel quite obvious, but does not mean that it is less important. With that, you should be able to notice the first areas we may already focus on. Example? Such a simple thing as washing your hands. Seems obvious, right? Nevertheless, it echoed in the media all over the world like it was something extraordinary. Such a simple, small thing, but it has already redefined our understanding and the new meaning of hygiene and much beyond.

1. ME-centricity & WE-community

Current days can be compared to the pressure drop on a plane when oxygen masks pop out. The rule is to put the mask on yourself first, then on others who can’t. In order to support others, you need to think about yourself. Minding yourself and others take full care of the ecosystem around you too, that in return you depend on. There are people in your system that won’t be able to respond to the crisis situation and adapt as quickly as you do. If you are lucky to have your oxygen mask on, then it’s time to mind the others.

2. SELF-RETRO (spective)

Today may be the best time and place to give yourself quality time, attention, and some space. Yes, that’s a tricky one, because this requires self-balance between spoiling yourself with first-hand goodies (short-term tranquilizers) and numbing your inner voice with self-development goals and new work. We would rather suggest you focus on your mindset and attitude and what defines those in our ordinary day-to-day struggle. A right portion of the self retrospective will more likely bring a thoughtful experience with, who knows, maybe some new potential and ready-to-use insights. Maybe it’s a good time to ask yourself the simplest questions such as:


At Change Pilots, we highly value sustainability and circular economy approach to businesses. While working with our clients, we often discuss waste optimization with a zero-waste goal, closing loops (circular design), service flips (i.e. product-as-a-service), or product life cycle extension. Since the current situation locked us down in-house, we kept valuing and using the same principles in our smaller home economies even more intensively than before. We live in abundance, not in scarcity. Recent negative prices of oil and other goods prove that we live in a surplus economy — we have more than we can consume. Now we just see it more clearly.


Our friends, clients, and partners today speak with courage about their emotions and feelings when describing their challenges. It was not like that before, as we tend to see vulnerability as a weakness — something is not really welcomed in the business world. Now, it seems as if we partially lost the need to hide behind the strength masks, as everyone experiences some kind of exposure and vulnerability. Finally, we have space to be a bit more honest about what we face. As the experience proves most of the time, naming our challenges helps to find support and noticing where the real community is — within your organization, your neighborhood, or maybe even within your competitors. We hear you, weakness is not an easy part of us to understand — this may make you feel INCOMPREHENSIBLE (BANI). Surprisingly noticing and admitting to being vulnerable helps to find innovation, transition, or disruption. The need is the mother of invention, they say, but first, it is good, to be honest with what we are vulnerable to and therefore what we really need.

Today, what many of us are experiencing, is a perspective change. So many elements of our daily grind, our ecosystems, can be seen and felt different — no doubt about that. This article is meant to give us all some food for our thoughts, and hopefully actions. What matters is how we will use these circumstances, where we will go, what decisions we will take — it’s all up to us. We are all interconnected within a net of a complex system, and our next steps will impact our futures. Starting with your smaller, inner circles we will bring bigger changes to our teams, organizations, households, and neighbors, hopefully expanding with a positive impact even further. The #staythome period will end soon, so we better use this precious time wisely. In retrospect, outside of struggles, we will surely remember it as something vulnerable, valuable, and paradigm-shifting.



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