Unlearning old habits to learn the new ways of collaboration

Ice breaker during the workshop (own resource) / Workshop

Internationalization is a broad and complex concept that’s challenging even more during the pandemic. Many of us — change makers, project managers, or entrepreneurs — find it difficult to connect when the contact is limited to only our screens. Currently, to truly understand the driving force behind internationalization it is important to treat it as a collaboration habit that can evolve — the same, as we did during this pandemic. Especially in the Cultural and Creative Industries sector (CCI).

At the beginning of March, we had a participatory ARS BALTICA CREATIVE DIALOGUE (ABCD) workshop session aimed to create and develop…

A basic set of information that will help to understand the change that is happening right now!

Sustainability, climate changes and circular design have been my main areas of interest for the last few years. I have been following news and concepts about circularity with bated breath. I got so much into it, that I needed to do something more, get practical knowledge and finally get my hands dirty. I became an intern at Change Pilots — who are, in my opinion, a market leader in navigating the process of change (Change Pilots Team I know you are reading this!).

This is where my journey begins! The intern memoir.

It is said that if you can’t explain…

Brief summary and recommendations from the EkoSfera conference panel experts on the next steps in closing waste-material loops in Polish industries.

Illustration by https://www.behance.net/FedericAmico

Last week Henryk Stawicki, one of our pilots, had a chance to lead an expert panel at an online conference EkoSfera during Poleco - The International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection by the invitation of the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Professionals in the area of sustainability, circular economy, and business responsibility gathered there to share their vision, knowledge, and experience on the implementation of sustainable solutions. Below we have gathered a short summary from the panel discussion on…

This year we are celebrating a special 5th edition of collaboration and connecting of both design and business. It’s a great time to conclude and analyze everything that happened over those 5 years and share our thoughts with you. It’s also a perfect moment to admit the most interesting — that it wasn’t always so smooth and easy.

For 5 years now the beginning of the years is a time where the entire Change Pilots team meets up and goes over the strategy for the next 7 months. This is why we associate January with excitement, but also a slight…

Constant volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are military terms used to define a completely new, unpredictable environment (VUCA). The same terminology can be used to perfectly describe the modern business landscape. Today, new threats, as well as opportunities, appear on the horizon daily. This allows a business to respond by creating new values and business models or smarter products and services. Now, more than ever before, we need mindfulness and focus on values so we could respond quickly to completely new market needs.

Design talks Business Summit is a space aiming to explore the business potential and challenges coming from…

The world today may probably be best described using the BANI acronym — Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear, and Incomprehensible. That is why, dear designers and strategists, let’s get ready for a bit different new roles. There is a lot of work to be done in the post-pandemic world.

Besides the traumatic aspect of the whole uncertain pandemic situation, I believe that the most challenging work is yet ahead of us. Today, we may feel anger and sadness. We may be grieving our closest ones or their organizations. We see businesses being closed down due to fear of the unknown. Staying at…

5 key takeaways from an experience-based farm in a Portuguese countryside

Sunset at the Co-Project Farm // https://www.coproject.co/

Are you interested in how sustainable living and design can be done in practice, in daily normal activities? Or maybe you are into the science behind it, such as circular design, systems thinking or zero-waste approach to farming? If any of these ring a bell, then you might like to hear about my experience and insights I have collected during my The UnSchool Educators Training and Job Shadowing experience at the CO Project Farm. It’s an amazing place and a project in constant progress, founded and run by Dr…

What are our key takeaways from this experience? /Job Shadowing at Sitra

Image 01, 02 and 03: Justyna, Paweł, and Henryk during Job Shadowing at SITRA, October 2019

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01Long live the internship!

We believe in long-life learning as both professionals and simple humans. During our student years, we have all taken internships, however more we grew into our careers, we stopped this practice completely. Job shadowing at Sitra felt like an internship for adults and we are 100% sure that we will be doing more of such experiences. …

What have we learned from this experience, outside of the gained knowledge & tools? / Job Shadowing at SITRA

Image 01,02 and 03: Screens from a presentation at SITRA’s

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The key learning our team has gained comes from the human-to-human (H2H) interactions and the inspirations we’ve gained from visiting Sitra’s team in their everyday environment. Also, Sitra’s genuine interest in our team and line of work, mutual learning approach as well as the transparency and openness to share knowledge was something that fueled this amazing mix of know-how exchange and goosebump making conversations. …

What topics have we explored at Sitra? / Job Shadowing at SITRA

Image 01: Pinja Parkkonen from SITRA’s Foresight & Insight

Each year we make sure to take a month or two to engage ourselves in projects that purely educate us, bring new perspectives and motivation. As a transdisciplinary team of strategists, designers, facilitators, and educators we get inspired by interacting with others. We crave to regularly step out of our daily practice to better understand the complexities of working with change. At Change Pilots, our key curiosity constantly lays in the areas of systems thinking, social innovation as well as circular design and sustainability. …


Strategic design consultancy that offers a unique perspective as both designers & strategists. They make unknown known & help organizations design their growth.

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